Being a Ticket Broker and Getting the Best Tickets

Being a ticket broker can be an exciting and lucrative business. Buying and selling tickets to the biggest games or hottest concerts can be a thrill, and the demand for the best seats in the house never wavers. However, to be a professional ticket broker one must go about doing business in a certain fashion.

Being a professional ticket broker means belonging to an organization such as the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Belonging to this group allows a broker to network with other brokers and find sources of ticket purchases. Beginning ticket brokers do much of their business by selling parts of their inventory to other brokers at a slight profit.

Having a merchant services account is a must for any broker. This allows the broker to accept credit cards as payment. It's impossible to run this business without taking credit cards, so this should be a top priority. An alternative is using a payment processing site like PayPal for customer credit card payments. One of these methods must be used, because failing to accept credit cards will doom this business.

A website for the business that lets people search the inventory in real-time is also a necessity. If possible, the site should be set up to let people purchase and pay for tickets while on this website. A website easy to use will encourage customers to come back again. To have plenty of business, have an inventory of tickets to popular events. The best way to gain an inventory is to buy tickets from major ticket-brokerage companies, individuals or fellow brokers. Buying big blocks of tickets will allow a ticket broker to sell them for a bit less due to volume pricing. Online marketing will also promote the business while trying to make a name for one's self in this very competitive field.