Get 18 Months No Interest Financing to Become a Ticket Broker

I am always trying to find ways to make it easier for people to join the ticket broker business. I have been pushing Paypal’s Bill Me Later option, which provides you with 6 months no interest financing. The problem is Paypal requires good credit, so if you do not have good credit then you will not get approved.

I came up with the idea of buying gift cards from large retailers since it is easier to get financing from them. So you buy a gift card from any large retailer and if they have a no interest financing offer, you can get approved and then send me the gift card. This allows you to join the ticket broker business without paying any money out of pocket, then you pay off what you owe with the profits you make from the ticket broker business. Since Best Buy and large retailers are much more lenient in providing financing, it is a great way for you to get started in this business so you can start making money right away.

You have 2 options to joint the ticket broker business. Either $250 per year or $500 one time.

If you choose the $250 option to join the ticket broker business, then you can get 6 month no interest financing from Best Buy. The image below shows where to click after you do a search for “gift cards” at Or if you click here it should bring you to the correct page.

best buy

If you want to join at the $500 level, then you can get 18 months no interest from Best Buy. Click here to get setup with the financing at Once you get approved then you can purchase the $500 in gift cards.

Contact me and I will provide an address to send the gift cards to. You can also email me the gift cards if you buy an e-gift card from Best Buy.

You can choose any large retailer to do this, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Amazon, whatever is easier for you.

I made $29,000 Selling Super Bowl Tickets

super bowl ticketsThe best time of the year in the ticket broker business is the Super Bowl. I made $29,000 on the Super Bowl and I know many others that made the same or even more money.

Currently to become a ticket broker and receive my personal 1-on-1 training the price is either $250 per year or $500 one time. There are ZERO monthly fees, so there is no risk once you join.

This means once you are in, there are no additional fees to pay ever. So if there are no additional fees to pay and you get free training and support from me, then as long as you don’t give up you are guaranteed to make money.

Back to making money with Super Bowl tickets. It is very easy because there is such high demand for the tickets and people know they have to pay top dollar. On average you can probably make $500 to $1,000 per ticket. So just telling 10 tickets could put $10,000 in your pocket.

Using Craigslist or even paying for ads on Facebook or Google can easily drive qualified buyers to your website.

So what are you waiting for? Start this business today so you can be ready for the Super Bowl. Go to our signup page and choose which Paypal option you want.

How To Spot An Online Scam

how to spot a scamI have been in the home based business industry since 2006 and the major concern for anyone has been… “is this home business opportunity a scam?”

I have been part of many online businesses but the concerns were the same for everyone, which they should be.

First thing you should do is expect everything to be a scam. I get asked the question almost everyday. I tell people they are smart in thinking that, but lets talk about what people do when they are NOT running a scam.

Since I personally have been looking for scams myself over the years, when I decided to setup my own program, I wanted to do things that most business opportunities do not do.

Below is a list of things that scams DO NOT do. So if you find an opportunity that has the below information on the site, it probably IS NOT a scam.

They do not post their real name
More times than not, if someone posts their real name on a site… it is not a scam. What normally happens is people setup a site, completely hide their identity and just let the site try to sell whatever the scam is.

They do not put links to their personal sites or blogs
I haven’t found many scams where people post links to find their personal sites. This leads back to the “hiding” technique. Few will dare to run a scam and then post everything about their personal lives.

They do not post links to their LinkedIn page
LinkedIn is a business social media site, which will give the history of someones career… where they worked, who they know, any personal accomplishments. It is very easy to find out a lot about someone from their LinkedIn page, so no one is going to link this page to a scam.

They do not post a phone number
Who runs a scam and posts their phone number? Can you imagine running a scam and then having people call you directly?

They do not answer the phone if one is posted, it is an automated message
If a phone number does exist its usually an automated message trying to push you to do something like give your information, go to a live call or who knows. No one running a scam is going to answer the phone and talk to you. They certainly arent going to call you back after you leave a message.

They do not meet people in person
Can you imagine someone running a scam and then meeting you in person? Forget about the fact that it would be a very dumb idea, it is also a big waste of time.

They do not provide 1-on-1 help
Most scams are about getting your money and running away. They certainly arent going to take your money then talk to you afterwards and actually help you out.

Everything above is what I do… I meet people in person, I give out my phone number, I provide my personal history on my LinkedIn page and my personal blog so you can research me.

The reason I am writing this is to educate people how to spot a scam and also just have common sense. Feel free to contact me if you are looking to make extra money, because I really do enjoy helping people make money.

Last thing I will leave you with. Scams usually have a short life span. They come and go pretty quickly. I have been promoting the ticket broker business since 2008, so if I was running a scam I wouldn’t have this much history.

Call me at 631-615-0024 or email me

Build An Effective Home Business With These Excellent Tips


Many people dream of giving up their day job for a home business. Working for yourself can give you flexibility of hours, more control over your finances, and an opportunity to do work you love. By following the tips in this article, you will be able to make your new home business a success.

Print up return address labels. Having a supply of ready made return labels just makes good business sense! It saves you time and frustration. You already have to worry about making a label for the intended recipient but why compound those worries with labels that could already be printed and waiting in your drawer?

Make sure you pick a web host with e-store features if you choose to start a home Internet business. Instead of having to build a store up from scratch and adding the necessary shopping carts and other accessories, a good web host will have pre-made templates and carts all ready to go for you.

If you're running a website business, make sure that you keep the site relatively clean. Ad revenue is always good, but a site inundated with all different types of ads is just a turn-off in every conceivable way. It's hard to navigate a site where every page has a pop-up ad, a button, a banner, sidebars, and other types of advertisements.

Making and marketing your own products is going to be tough, so you need to prepare to do triple the research here. You not only have to research the market to figure out how to price and promote your product, but you also have to figure out the price that it's going to cost you to produce the product.

Since the IRS isn't taking its due as you make your money, you will need to set some money aside so that you can pay in at the end of the year. Unfortunately, unlike working a regular 9 to 5, you are probably not going to get any of this money back. Find out about write-offs and deductions so that you don't pay a fortune in taxes.

By following this advice, you will be able to make your home business a profitable, well-organized, and successful venture. With the tips in this article, you will soon see why running a home business is desirable, and you will start to see the many benefits of being your own boss and controlling your own finances.


How To Beat The Home Business Blues

home-based-businessWith the current state of the economy, many people are seeking out opportunity in home business. Although the process may be difficult for you to understand or feel confident in, this article is meant to guide you through the process of starting your home business with helpful tips and advice.

Follow up with your customers to find out what they think of your products. This will help you improve your business, and you can also use these reviews to create a new section of your website entitled 'customers' reviews'. Look for honest opinions and use the best ones on your website.

Make it a rule that when you receive a request from a potential client that you will get back to that person within twenty-four hours. It's easy in a home business to get side tracked by your daily home needs, so much so that consistent business communication can be thrown to the wayside. You can lose clients if you don't respond to them in a professional time frame, so every morning go through your email and respond to any emails that need response.

If you have kids at home and you need to be caring for them while you work, you'll need to find a home business that won't have you on the phone with clients or busy for hours at a time.

When working out of your home, always remember to be professional. If you work with clients, dress like you would if you were going to work at an office every day. Your clients will appreciate your professional attitude and hopefully will recommend you to their friends and family to grow your client base.

Make sure you save some of your profits for taxes. Many new home based business owners forget to set aside money for the tax season, and when it arrives, they have no money to pay the IRS. Stay away from this pitfall by placing a percentage of your profits in a bank account every month, and not touching them.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to starting your own home business, is to do your homework before you chose to move forward with any venture. Before you make any decisions, try to apply the tips and advice from this article, to help ensure that your home business venture will be a successful one.


How To Make Full Time Income Selling Tickets Online

Many people have discovered that they can make extra money selling tickets. In fact, some people have turned selling tickets on the Internet into a full time job. A smart entrepreneur can make money selling tickets to sporting events, concerts and even monster truck shows. Here are a few tips to get started making a full time income selling tickets online.

Of course, one must have access to good deals on tickets. Most venues sell their tickets online and give the public full access. In reality, one must know when to go online and how to get the best tickets before the competition. One way is to have multiple website browsers or windows open. When having more than one window or browser open, a buyer can refresh a page often and get the tickets. In reality, one must have persistence to get the best deals.

Obtaining the tickets is only the first step. Now, one must know how to sell the tickets online. Ideally, a seller would have multiple venues to sell their tickets. For example, a seller can use a local classifieds site, auction websites and ticket reselling websites. A seller must have the ability to accept payments by credit card.

A seller must know how to spot fraud. With websites, there are usually multiple levels of security to protect both the buyer and seller. When accepting payments in person, a buyer must only accept cash. Unfortunately, other forms of payment can lead to a lot of problems.

In reality, a seller of concert tickets has an excellent shot at making a lot of money. One must remember that they will have to treat the business venture like a job. When a seller has persistence and buys the right tickets, he or she can make enough money to pay the bills.


Being a Ticket Broker and Getting the Best Tickets

Being a ticket broker can be an exciting and lucrative business. Buying and selling tickets to the biggest games or hottest concerts can be a thrill, and the demand for the best seats in the house never wavers. However, to be a professional ticket broker one must go about doing business in a certain fashion.

Being a professional ticket broker means belonging to an organization such as the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Belonging to this group allows a broker to network with other brokers and find sources of ticket purchases. Beginning ticket brokers do much of their business by selling parts of their inventory to other brokers at a slight profit.

Having a merchant services account is a must for any broker. This allows the broker to accept credit cards as payment. It's impossible to run this business without taking credit cards, so this should be a top priority. An alternative is using a payment processing site like PayPal for customer credit card payments. One of these methods must be used, because failing to accept credit cards will doom this business.

A website for the business that lets people search the inventory in real-time is also a necessity. If possible, the site should be set up to let people purchase and pay for tickets while on this website. A website easy to use will encourage customers to come back again. To have plenty of business, have an inventory of tickets to popular events. The best way to gain an inventory is to buy tickets from major ticket-brokerage companies, individuals or fellow brokers. Buying big blocks of tickets will allow a ticket broker to sell them for a bit less due to volume pricing. Online marketing will also promote the business while trying to make a name for one's self in this very competitive field.


Sell Event Tickets

Being a ticket broker is simply a person or business that buys tickets to entertainment events and resells them for a profit. Some ticket brokers operate their business from a brick-and-mortar location. Others create their own website and sell tickets online. Then there are those who sell online as a third party merchant on various websites. Very large ticket brokers use all three methods to sell their tickets.

Being a ticket broker is a very profitable business. There are some things that someone must know though to succeed as a ticket broker. Although money can be made, there is always a chance that money can be lost if somebody does not do their research on events before buying tickets.

Before starting anything, you will want to make sure you are conducting business legally. You will want to find out if your state requires licensing. Although most states do not regulate this type of business, it is best to find out. Choosing a name for your ticket broker business is also very important. You will want a name that people will remember. Get a general business license and register this name as your DBA. The fee that you pay for a ge

neral business license will vary depending on your location. If you are going to have your own website, you will want a domain name that matches your DBA.

An investment is needed in order for someone to start ticket broker business. The initial investment will vary depending on what somebody can afford. Very large ticket brokers invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on buying tickets. Most people, especially those just starting out, will not have that much money to invest. Instead, they will start out with a few thousand dollars and use the profits they earn to build their business.

Before buying tickets from Ticketmaster, you will have to do some research and make sure that you are buying tickets that will be in high demand. Preferably, these are events that will sell out within minutes after the tickets go on sale. Getting high demand seats is also very important, as these tickets will sell for you quickly. When the tickets go on sale for your event, you will have to be ready to buy the tickets minutes before they go on sale. There are huge profits to be made as a ticket broker. Remember though, research on events is mandatory.


Selling Tickets Online

It seems anything can be bought on the Internet. You can sell tickets online with minimum investment and effort. Ballet , movies, Broadway and Major League Baseball seats. They are all just a click away.

Are you are an individual selling tickets online for a single show? A good way to find a quick buyer is on a single sell ad website . Craigslist has a section just to sell tickets online. Ebay and Amazon also sell tickets online . If you just want the tickets to find a good home donate them on Freecycle.

It is perfectly legal to sell tickets online you bought in good faith to use yourself.
If you are a retail venue such as a movie theater, the direct way to sell tickets online is with your own website. You may plan

to sell tickets online in large quantities or continuously. To do large scale sells without the aggravation of starting and maintaining a website join an online affiliate company or program.

Do some research before signing a contract. Make certain the site is approved by the Better Business Bureau. Look at their website to see if they corner the market for the same type of activity you have tickets for. Take note of what types of payment options are used and how quickly the host does updates. Is there a policy on over selling a show or event? How are refund requests processed. How are complaints handled? How is its search engine optimization.

It is perfectly legal to sell tickets online that were bought in good faith.


Buying and Selling Tickets for Profit

Tickets, whether they're for political rallies or rock concerts, are a valuable commodity. And like any other commodity there are people who make a living buying and selling them, acting as a middle man for popular events. However, it's important that people and businesses that choose to do this follow all of the laws and regulations regarding ticket sales, reporting and various other, important rules.

Buying Tickets

There are literally dozens of ways to get ones hands on tickets to events. Business persons could buy them from the box office on opening day, work out a deal with event or venue coordinators, or any of a dozen other methods. However, which tickets get bought for which event is an important decision that people have to make. Events that aren't popular, after all, won't yield very big results when it comes to ticket sales.

Selling T


Once someone

has them, tickets can be sold in a variety of different venues. For instance, selling tickets outside the venue for sold out shows is one option, but it is a very shady one. More often people who do serious business in ticket sales tend to operate in store fronts, or to set up websites for ticket purchase. Thanks to technology it's entirely possible for someone to go to a website, transfer money and get a ticket emailed to them all on a smartphone, making getting into the events they want a much easier endeavor.


If the seller can't get the tickets for less than the box office is charging, then the price of sale will have to go up. The only way to get ahead doing this is to have tickets to very popular, sold out shows where people can't just buy tickets at the door for a lower price than you're currently asking for.