How To Make Full Time Income Selling Tickets Online

Many people have discovered that they can make extra money selling tickets. In fact, some people have turned selling tickets on the Internet into a full time job. A smart entrepreneur can make money selling tickets to sporting events, concerts and even monster truck shows. Here are a few tips to get started making a full time income selling tickets online.

Of course, one must have access to good deals on tickets. Most venues sell their tickets online and give the public full access. In reality, one must know when to go online and how to get the best tickets before the competition. One way is to have multiple website browsers or windows open. When having more than one window or browser open, a buyer can refresh a page often and get the tickets. In reality, one must have persistence to get the best deals.

Obtaining the tickets is only the first step. Now, one must know how to sell the tickets online. Ideally, a seller would have multiple venues to sell their tickets. For example, a seller can use a local classifieds site, auction websites and ticket reselling websites. A seller must have the ability to accept payments by credit card.

A seller must know how to spot fraud. With websites, there are usually multiple levels of security to protect both the buyer and seller. When accepting payments in person, a buyer must only accept cash. Unfortunately, other forms of payment can lead to a lot of problems.

In reality, a seller of concert tickets has an excellent shot at making a lot of money. One must remember that they will have to treat the business venture like a job. When a seller has persistence and buys the right tickets, he or she can make enough money to pay the bills.


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  1. aikeem on April 2, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    I like to start your ticket broker business, so where do I login and/or signin.
    Also can I see your ticket broker website. Like start now, I believe in business as this. Phone issues now, so I like just signup and get going today.
    I have experience in business, so do fine starting.
    Any fees.