Selling Tickets Online

It seems anything can be bought on the Internet. You can sell tickets online with minimum investment and effort. Ballet , movies, Broadway and Major League Baseball seats. They are all just a click away.

Are you are an individual selling tickets online for a single show? A good way to find a quick buyer is on a single sell ad website . Craigslist has a section just to sell tickets online. Ebay and Amazon also sell tickets online . If you just want the tickets to find a good home donate them on Freecycle.

It is perfectly legal to sell tickets online you bought in good faith to use yourself.
If you are a retail venue such as a movie theater, the direct way to sell tickets online is with your own website. You may plan

to sell tickets online in large quantities or continuously. To do large scale sells without the aggravation of starting and maintaining a website join an online affiliate company or program.

Do some research before signing a contract. Make certain the site is approved by the Better Business Bureau. Look at their website to see if they corner the market for the same type of activity you have tickets for. Take note of what types of payment options are used and how quickly the host does updates. Is there a policy on over selling a show or event? How are refund requests processed. How are complaints handled? How is its search engine optimization.

It is perfectly legal to sell tickets online that were bought in good faith.