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  • I setup this ticket broker opportunity in 2008
  • I wanted to provide people with an easy way to make money from home
  • The average person that sells event tickets through this system makes $1,000 to $5,000 per month
  • When you join, your free website will be up within a week
  • You will have access to every ticket to every event in the country – over 1 million tickets
  • You get tickets wholesale and sell them for whatever price you want
  • You can sell tickets cheaper than
  • You DO NOT pay for inventory
  • You DO NOT pay for shipping
  • You DO NOT have to bill anyone
  • You DO NOT have to provide customer support
  • You DO NOT have to pay any monthly fees
  • All you have to do is send people to your website to buy tickets and you make money
  • YOU decide how much money you want to make per ticket
  • Call me anytime to discuss at 631-615-0024.

You will be able to sell tickets to any event in the country and make as much profit per ticket that you want.

You will have access to Major League Baseball tickets, National Football League tickets, Soccer, National Hockey League tickets, National Basketball Association tickets, Olympics tickets, concert event tickets, MMA tickets, UFC tickets, every event in the country.

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If you are interested in joining, your 2 Paypal options are below… Call 631-615-0024 or email me with any questions.

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